Technical Requirements

Hardware – What iPad is needed to run the IntellaCar app?

  • Recommended: iPad Pro 9.7” WiFi 32 GB
  • Minimum Requirement: iPad Air 2 WiFi 32 GB
  • We do not recommend the iPad Mini as its small screen size is less ideal for sharing information with customers.

WiFi Network

  • Recommended: Download speed of 15mbps or greater
  • Minimum Requirement: Download speed of 5mbps
  • We recommend a dedicated WiFi network separate from your guest WiFi network.

Training and Support

For information about training and support, contact or call 805-241-5000.


How long will it take for my Sales Team to get up to speed?

Everyone tells us IntellaCar is highly intuitive and quick to learn. Most Sales Consultants are comfortable using IntellaCar after the initial training session, which takes just a couple hours. To gain proficiency, we recommend working with IntellaCar while waiting for an up or during free time. Getting good at quickly knowing how to find all the most detailed information is an important skill to acquire. After all, good preparation helps Sales Consultants SHINE when they are with customers.

How tech savvy does my Sales Team need to be?

IntellaCar does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. Even someone who has never used a mobile device before will pick it up easily. Even “seasoned” Sales Consultants surprise us with how quickly they become comfortable!

Will I have to change my sales process?

No, IntellaCar integrates into your existing sales process – there is no new process to learn.
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Contact Us

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