What Is IntellaCar?

A Customer-Facing Mobile Solution

Brings together:

  • Features/specs (new and used)
  • Videos
  • Vehicle comparisons
  • Inventory
  • And much more

Motivates your customers to buy!

What Does it Do For Me?

Empowers salespeople to bring their “A Game” to every customer interaction, which means:

  • Increased productivity, with more revenue and profit
  • Creates a positive customer experience with:
    • Greater engagement
    • Credible, timely, accurate, unbiased information
    • Compelling visuals
  • Makes it easy to access and deliver the right information at the right time in the right way

Use Throughout the Sales Process

Confirm Appointment (Pre-Showroom)

Confirm Appointment (Pre-Showroom)

  • Content-rich communications differentiate your dealership – personalized videos are proven to be highly effective
  • Fast, accurate and professional lead responses establish relationships and build value
  • Proven to increase appointment set rates (+40%) and show rates (+26%), delivering an increase of 12-18 units/month in most dealership settings
Needs Assessment (Showroom)

Needs Assessment (Showroom)

  • Establishes customer priorities, showing the most relevant info
  • Creates collaboration between customer and sales consultant
  • Helps land customer on the right vehicle early in the process
  • Shortens shopping time while enhancing the customer experience
Presentation (Showroom)

Presentation (Showroom)

  • Fast, accurate and comprehensive vehicle information sorted according to customer priorities to build confidence and value
  • Inventory updated daily with advanced search/filter/sort to match customer needs to the vehicles on your lot
  • Trim comparisons build value which creates trade-ups
  • Competitive comparisons show where you win to accelerate the close
Delivery (Showroom)

Delivery (Showroom)

  • Videos ensure that key features and technology are reviewed and explained; email them for later reference
  • Improves customer understanding and enjoyment of their new vehicle – the biggest factor in a good CSI score
  • Captures positive reviews in-store
Follow up (Follow Up)

Follow up (Follow Up)

  • Re-engage unsold prospects with relevant content – increases lost sale conversions 5-7%
  • Thank You videos make a memorable impact on customers
  • After-sale contact is a critical touch point that boosts CSI scores
Contact Us

Contact Us

Call 805.241.5000 or email us at info@intellacar.com. You can also sign up to schedule a demo.

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