IntellaCar Gives your Dealership a BIG Competitive Edge

Leading dealer groups like Hendrick, DCH/Lithia, Mile One, and Asbury use IntellaCar because it has proven to:

  • Increase Unit sales (+10-20%)
  • Improve Dealership close rates (up to 22%)
  • Reduce Transaction time (up to 25%)
  • Boost CSI (+7 points)

What Does it Do For Me?

IntellaCar empowers your salespeople to bring their “A Game” to every customer interaction, which means:

  • Increased productivity: more revenue & profit in less time from the same number of opportunities – grow sales faster, more efficiently
  • Creating a profitable, positive customer experience that is a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving environment
    • Greater engagement
    • Credible, timely, accurate, unbiased information
    • Compelling visuals provide a more comprehensive understanding of the vehicle
  • Making it easy for sales professionals to access and deliver the right information at the right time in the right way, with enhanced authority and effectiveness
    • Overcome customer wariness by establishing credibility and trust
    • Continuous learning – keeps SCs ahead of the game
    • Fast track training – gets new SCs up to speed quickly as they walk around the vehicle